tirsdag den 3. juli 2018

Punished for bad behavior

She got punished yesterday for skipping classes and not keeping a clean home. I think she got the point this time...

torsdag den 7. december 2017

onsdag den 6. december 2017

Harsh punishment set for tomorrow

The girl is about to get punished for her bad attitude tomorrow. It will take place in her new apartment, so a gag might be put in place... Pictures and perhaps video clips will be posted here afterwards!

tirsdag den 31. januar 2017

Girl is set straight with a long overdue punishment

It has been a while since the girl's last punishment in the fall of 2016. Her little book was filled with misdeeds such as playing with herself, watching porn, agression to others, forgetting her duties and neglecting proper attire.

She was given a good spanking including 50 lashes with the belt on her breasts.

Please let us know if you have any ideas or comments on her corrections.

søndag den 30. oktober 2016

Training continues

The girl is now under her master's protection again and her training continues.

She has her wet pussy locked 24/7 to prevent any sexual encounters. Sex is in the past...

A picture from her latest punishment which left her sore for days. Suits her perfectly.

tirsdag den 2. december 2014

Long awaited punishment

It turned into fall before we could set up a long overdue punishment session. These pictures show the halfway result.

The girl recieved "a spanish skirt" - spanking with hands, cane and crop all around her bottom and thighs. A 360 degree punishment so to speak.

fredag den 30. maj 2014

Slave contract

The girl is about to enter a slave contract, which will change her life. She and I are both committed to changing her attitude...